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Published on: 5 December 2006


Date un’occhiata a questo strumento.
Si chiama waterphone, non perché abbia a che fare con l’acqua (anche se l’acqua c’è), ma perché il suo inventore è il sig. Richard Waters.
Il suono è molto bello. Un incrocio fra campane tibetane e kalimba.
Vi metto due link: un audio e un video. Altri esempi sul sito.

Look at this instrument. It’s called waterphone not because of the water but because it was invented and is patented by Richard Waters.
In the world family of musical instruments the Waterphone is between a Tibetian Water Drum, an African Kalimba (thumb piano) and a 16th century Peg or Nail Violin. Each Waterphone is custom made using a hot metal process developed over the past 25 years. The tonal rods are tuned to a combination of micro-tonal and diatonic relationships presented in two distinct but intergrated scales having both even and uneven increments.
Here is the site.

Waterphone: audiovideo

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