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Pubblicato il: 14 December 2015

14&15 Mobile Photographers is the first international showcase dedicated exclusively to mobile photographers and to their work. We are driven by a great curiosity to explore the new frontiers of digital photography, the mobile photography. For this reason, in 2015 we launched this platform, with the aim of promoting this sector of photography which is growing fast worldwide. We believe that the smartphone is only a tool to take pictures and does not represent anything more than an easy and fast camera. But this smart tool is always with us, ready to record our life in every moment.

1415_1 iPhone with Hipstamatic appPhoto by Scott Strazzante
1415_3 1415_4

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2 Commenti
  1. Francesco S. says:

    Wonderful! Those picture are really awesome (done with smarthphone) ! Are you back in your blogging activity?

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