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Pubblicato il: 26 November 2015

Hello, by Alexander Schubert (2014) For {any number of} instruments, live-electronics and video Excerpts from composer’s notes: The piece is audio-visual. It’s basically a video that is accompanied by the instruments. The video consists of video recordings of the composer performing certain actions / gestures. These gestures are notated in [...]

Dispacci dal fronte interno

Categorie: Elettroacustica
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Pubblicato il: 16 June 2015

Dispacci dal fronte interno [Dispatches from the homefront] is a work by Andrea Valle for feedback system including ad libitum strings, printer and live electronics. Audio from strings, printers and environment is not only manipulated live, but some features are extracted and used to control not only the same sound [...]


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Pubblicato il: 29 May 2015

Anthèmes refers to two related compositions for violin by French composer Pierre Boulez: Anthèmes I and Anthèmes II. Anthèmes I is a short piece (c. 9 minutes) for solo violin, commissioned by the 1991 Yehudi Menuhin Violin Competition, and dedicated to Universal Edition’s director Alfred Schlee for his 90th birthday. [...]

Petite symphonie intuitive pour une paysage de printemps

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Pubblicato il: 16 April 2015

Luc Ferrari – Petite symphonie intuitive pour une paysage de printemps (1973-74) A review by Blue Gene Tyranny A lovely work of electro-acoustic music by one of the French pioneers of musique concrète, “Petite Symphonie Intuitive Pour un Paysage de Printemps” (“Little Intuitive Symphony for a Spring Landscape”) recreates the [...]


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Pubblicato il: 2 March 2015

In questo post, la storia di Nabaztag è tratta da Wikipedia, con qualche nota del sottoscritto. La parola Nabaztag (“նապաստակ” che in lingua armena significa coniglio), indica il coniglio Wi-Fi ideato da Rafi Haladjian e Olivier Mével e prodotto, nel 2005 dalla compagnia francese Violet. Alto 23 centimetri, per un [...]


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Pubblicato il: 30 January 2015

Un altro lavoro di ::vtol:: The orchestra consists of 12 robotic manipulators of various designs, each of which is equipped with a sound-transmitting speaker. The manipulators, combined together, form a single multi-channel electronic sound orchestra. Due to constant displacement speakers in space, changing direction of the sound and the algorithms [...]

Metaphase Sound Machine

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Pubblicato il: 29 January 2015

Questa splendida e inusuale macchina sonora è stata progettata e costruita dal media-artist russo Dmitry Morozov (aka ::vtol::). The Metaphase Sound Machine is a kind of homage to the ideas of the American physicist Nick Herbert who in the 1970s has created both Metaphase Typewriter and Quantum Metaphone (a speech [...]

Treatise da Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble

Categorie: Elettroacustica
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Pubblicato il: 26 January 2015

Tempo Reale Festival 2012 RUMORE ROSA Il paesaggio delle voci MUSICA COMUNISTA Salvatore Miele, coordinamento e live electronics Francesco Casciaro, oggetti sensibili e live electronics Daniela Cattivelli, campionatore e live electronics Andrea Gozzi, chitarra elettrica e live electronics Damiano Meaccii, regia del suono Cornelius Cardew Treatise, per ensemble elettroacustico (prima [...]


Categorie: Elettroacustica
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Pubblicato il: 16 January 2015

Barry Truax – Arras (1980) – for four computer-synthesized soundtracks Author’s notes: Arras refers metaphorically to the heavy wall hanging or tapestry originally produced in the French town of the same name. The threads running through the material form both a background and, when coloured, a foreground pattern as well, [...]


Categorie: Elettroacustica
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Pubblicato il: 15 January 2015

Barry Truax – Androgyny (1978) – a spatial environment with four computer-synthesized soundtracks Author’s notes: Androgyny explores the theme of its title in the abstract world of pure sound. The piece, however, is not programmatic; instead, the dramatic form of the piece has been derived from the nature of the [...]

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