Fire Fragile Flight

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Published on: 23 May 2008

Un brano un po’ alla Varèse questo Fire Fragile Flight, per orchestra, composto nel 1973 da Lucia Dlugoszewski (1925-2000), che di Varèse è stata allieva.

Composer, poet, and choreographer Lucia Dlugoszewski’s (1925-2000) efforts to create an “intense, sudden immediacy” in her music were wide-ranging: she worked with everyday objects, created the ‘timbre piano’ (a prepared piano whose strings are played directly with a variety of materials), designed over 100 percussion instruments, and extended the possibilities of conventional instruments. She wrote for a variety of concert and dramatic mediums, but is perhaps best known for her dance music.

[da Art of the States]

Lucia Dlugoszewski – Fire Fragile Flight (1973) – Orchestra of Our Time, Joel Thome, conductor

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