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Published on: 6 September 2006

Contemporary Classical Internet Radio is an internet radio station that celebrates the diversity of 20th (and 21st) century classical music.
The audio stream is MP3Pro coded. Actual bitrate is 256, so quality is good.
The radio main theme is diversity, as clearly stated:

A Diversity of Styles
We play expressionism, neo-classicism, serialism, minimalism, neo-romanticism, post-modernism, and lots of music that doesn’t fit nicely into any ism at all. We play music that is tonal, atonal, polytonal, and many shades of grey; music that is full of mellifluous melodies, and music that throws up fundamental questions of aesthetics, only to shoot them down.

A Diversity of Genres
You’ll hear orchestral music; chamber music; music for solo piano, clarinet, and accordion; religous and secular vocal music; songs; electronic music; music for percussion ensembles; and even operatic scenes. We also occasionally play 20th/21st century arrangements of earlier music (which often tell us as much about the arranger as about the original composer).

Geographic Diversity
We play music from Russia, England, and Brazil; Iceland, Australia, and Japan; and everywhere in between. (Although special attention is given to American composers.)

A Diversity of Popularity
The 20th century has produced its share of well-established classics, and works that produced instant infamy. There are also works and composers that vanished almost (but not quite) without a trace. And there are composers that are just making names for themselves at the start of the new century. You will hear it all on Contemporary Classical Internet Radio

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