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Published on: 3 September 2008

Aauuttooppooiieessiis è un brano dello sperimentatore austriaco Arno Steinacher pubblicato per la netlabel LuvSound.

Nei suoi lavori Steinacher cerca di tradurre modelli e idee scientifiche in musica. In questo caso l’idea alla base del brano è l’autopoiesi, termine coniato nel 1972 da Humberto Maturana a partire dalla parola greca auto, ovvero se stesso, e poiesis, ovverosia creazione. In pratica un sistema autopoietico è un sistema che ridefinisce continuamente sé stesso ed al proprio interno si sostiene e si riproduce. Un sistema autopoietico può quindi essere rappresentato come una rete di processi di creazione, trasformazione e distruzione di componenti che, interagendo fra loro, sostengono e rigenerano in continuazione lo stesso sistema [wikipedia].

Ne esce una musica piuttosto affascinante, minimale nella sua essenza, ma in continua trasformazione, dando l’idea di evoluzione automatica e spontanea.

Note dell’autore:

The basic idea of this work was to explore the term autopoiesis, which means selfcreation. In the context of theoretical life science, autopoiesis is often said to be the most fundamental principle of living systems.

To a certain extent autopoietic processes consist of repeated cycles of self-recurrance: glycolysis for instance, photosynthesis or autocatalytic RNA reactions. These processes are organized modular, forming a regulation network. As self-recurrance never happens exactly, there is space for errors and individuality, which in many systems causes something new on another level. This is one of life’s attributes: to create new dimensions spontaneously, another may be unrepeatablility.

“Aauuttooppooiieessiiss” reflects on and plays with these ideas. It consists of several loops with two main origins: instruments and machines, which stand for organic versus anorganic matter. The instrumental parts were all produced with electric guitar, the machine parts were for some part recorded in a factory near Vienna in 1999. Some loops run in parallel in many copies, but each copy differs in tempo and starting point. No situation in this work is repeated, every rhythm that emerges is ephemeric and takes place just one time, although it may be very similar to its neighboured ones, before and after. This ephemeric patterns that just arise at some times in this piece were my focus during the composition process.

One of the surprising results for me was that self-recurrence of machine sounds caused a more organic situation than the guitar-loops, which merely seemed to transform their sonic quality.

Arno Steinacher – Aauuttooppooiieessiiss – mp3
pagina presso LuvSound da cui è possibile scaricare il brano anche in altri formati (FLAC, OGG).

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