Musical nationalism in USA?

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Published on: 20 September 2006

The following data are taken from a reaserch by Bocconi Italian University.
In all European countries, the music market is shared between national and international songs. Even in France, where national culture is very important and supported by the government, 60% is french music and 35% come from abroad (the remaining 5% is classic music).
France has the highest ratio between national/foreign music in EU. The lowest is in Switzerland: 10% national, 90% foreign.
UK is one of the most important music makers in the world, but its market is equally shared: 47/47.
In the USA this ratio is 93/05. It means that the american people buy american music for 93% and foreign music for 5% only.
I know that the USA are a great music maker and the americans don’t like music not sung in english, but I would have expected a greater diffusion of UK bands in USA.
Now I have two questions:

  1. I remember a very different situation in the eighties. How much the America is changed?
  2. Is this a sort of musical chauvinism? The music is an important part of the culture. If the culture in USA is so self-centered, what kind of knowledge of outside world can the people have?

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