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Published on: 2 November 2008

lezrodUn altro lavoro di Lezrod (aka David Velez) pubblicato, come al solito da test tube. Questa volta si tratta di 10 pezzi che accompagnano altrettanti video da proiettare in un sushi bar a Las Vegas. Il tutto con il significativo titolo di  fear and loathing in rio/tokyo (paura e disgusto in rio/tokyo).

Data la destinazione, tutti i brani durano 3 minuti e alcuni hanno un carattere tonale che di solito è assente dalle composizioni di Lezrod, ciò nonostante l’atmosfera rimane quella tipica di questo musicista.

Le note di Lezrod:

By the end of Spring I was hired to compose 10 pieces for a series of 10 videos to be displayed in a Brazilian Sushi Restaurant in Las Vegas. Even though the nature of this pieces is abstract, the fact that they have to work with the videos (produced by Daniel Roversi) and that they were going to be performed in a restaurant somehow brought back ‘musical’ elements which were part of my early work. After I finished them I felt it might be interesting to publish this material that if it wasn’t for this project I wouldn’t have ever done it.

The videos were based on cultural elements from both Brazil and Japan but I wanted to make something more universal and I feel my love for soundtracks and film music in general, were particularly influential here. The soundtrack projects of people such as Ry Cooder, Quincy Jones, Lalo Schifrin, Herbie Hancock, Vangelis, Edward Artemyev, Vincent Gallo and John Frusciante sure served here as inspiration.

The title of this release pays tribute to film director Terry Gilliam and novelist/journalist Hunter S. Thompson and their movie/book ‘Fear and loathing in Las Vegas’ where a unique atmosphere of delirium and disregard is built through the entire story, creating confusion between the sometimes-vague line between reality and imagination. This confusing atmosphere were present on the videos, as Daniel Roversi allowed contradictory elements to play together, as the relationship between the video themes and the relation between Japan and Brazil culture required certain level of abstraction to work altogether.

Also by the time I composed some of the pieces for this release I had a at home some of Luis Buñuel movies which I am sure inspired this work as well. This release pays tribute to him and in particular to his movie ‘Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie’ where this delirium and disregard atmosphere can be found as well. This is a soundtrack for a move composed by 10 chapters, 10 stories that the listener could write, direct, shoot and perform, on his own mind.

Come al solito i brani sono licenziati in Creative Commons e possono essere scaricati qui.

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