Beyond the Translucent Veil

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Published on: 15 December 2008

Beyond the Translucent Veil è un brano del 2003 di Joshua Penman, giovane compositore americano, nato nel 1979, che qui scrive per una formazione singolare: 4 contrabbassi e pianoforte.

L’organico è funzionale alla passione di Penman per gli armonici: con corde così lunghe e basse, i contrabbassi ne possono produrre una quantità.

Nelle note, l’autore scrive:

To me, there is something very spiritually true about the harmonic series. It is a set of relationships fundamental to the universe, the set of notes we hear simultaneously from any simple vibrating body and the only way that a collection of pitches can combine so that we hear them together as one note. We can think of this as a manifestation of non-duality, that individual notes from the series seem like different entities, but are actually part of a larger whole. The harmonic series (and interactions between a number of them) is a very important element in my piece Beyond the Translucent Veil, as are subtle shifts in tuning, in vibrational energy. The work is about mysticism, about both meditation and trance, about gnosis, about a kind of transfiguration. The title refers to the veil that separates our perceptions of what actually is, and the moment of mystical understanding in which we move, if even ever so briefly, beyond the veil, and experience reality in what thirteenth-century mystic Meister Eckhart would call its Istigkeit, its full ‘Is-ness.’

Joshua Penman – Beyond the Translucent Veil (2003), per 4 contrabbassi e pianoforte
Anna Jensen, double bass
Evan Premo, double bass
Jordan Scapinello, double bass
Kevin Sylves, double bass
Marcin Bela, piano
Benjamin Rous, conductor

From Art of the States

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