Multiplication Virtuelle

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Published on: 18 December 2008

Dal solito Art of the States, un brano per percussioni e live electronic di Mei-Fang Lin (1973), compositrice cinese di Taiwan attualmente negli USA.

Note di programma:

Multiplication Virtuelle (2003) is a musical work written for solo percussionist performing on a wide array of pitched and non-pitched acoustic instruments. Audio signals taken from microphones placed in close proximity to each instrument are used to control a real-time computer-based electroacoustic component. The percussionist plays and interacts with the electronic part that is triggered by the percussion attacks. The intensity of each attack is used to control the playback rate of the stored samples; in other words, the pitch of the sample is determined by how loud the percussionist plays. The execution of the electroacoustic score is managed by the computer in real-time using Max/MSP, a graphical software environment for music, audio, and multimedia.

As implied by the piece’s title and instrumental setup, ideas of circular motion and repeated patterns come into play in both the surface material in the music and the global structure of the piece itself. Specific rhythmic patterns are repeated (or, in a more visual sense, multiplied) before moving on to new but related patterns. The structure proceeds in a circular motion in how its rhythmic patterns evolve. The piece also thwarts the audience’s musical expectations by blurring the distinction between sample-based sounds and their acoustic counterparts. This effect is enhanced by carefully establishing and then breaking the connections between simultaneous visual and aural events.

Multiplication Virtuelle is dedicated to the percussionist Jean Geoffroy, who premiered the piece in 2004 in Paris. The work was funded in part by the Composer Assistance Program of the American Music Center.

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