Morsure Souffle

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Published on: 25 May 2009

coverLaurent Peter è un musicista svizzero (Ginevra) più noto come d’incise, attivo nell’area elettronica /dub / free jazz / found / environmental sound. Morsure Souffle è il suo album più recente, distribuito dalla netlabel Test Tube.

Morsure Souffle, has all the audio hallmarks of a highly subtle sound collage. Released on Portugese netlabel Testube, it is at once found/environmental sound collected, collated and fused into shapes. Then moments of sound echo of improvisational jazz, or at least the stripped echoes of the oeuvre, or even semi-precise mimicry triggering found moments in the audience. Yet the action of extreme electronic manipulation is never far from the palette and the guise of nature as a backdrop to audio acoustic experimentation is as sensible a template as any. Even the sound of the chime, catching the wind, or the approximation of it combined with a sonic hum/purr and gently advancing triangle alarm is enough of a sound argument. Then there is the central track la Banquise living up to its name, a feast of noise terror, (a humorous notion in itself), mutating in to crisp audio action of imaginary violated string experiments on a vanquished piano; reason enough to display control and succinctness of digital prowess.
[innerversitysound [Cyclic Defrost] / May 02, 2009]

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