Il collasso del tempo e gli ultimi echi

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Published on: 29 May 2009

Le ultime due parti di Echoes of Time and the River (Echoes II), di George Crumb ripulite, per quanto possibile, dalle impurità del vecchio vinile. Si intitolano Collapse of Time e Last Echoes of Time.

The most free and fantastic movement is the portentous Collapse of Time. Like the celebrated amphibians of Aristophanes, the string players croak out the nonsense syllables “Krek-tu-dai! Krek-tu-dai!” while the xylophone taps out the name of the composer in Morse code. As the movement proceeds and the underlying pulse falls away, the music heads off into a wide range of special effects – quasi-improvised fragments passed around among the various soloists, notated in circular patterns in the score. The descent into the solitude of the finale, Last Echoes of Time, comes at first as a relief and relaxation from all the foregoing; once the listener is convinced of the retrospective nature of these last pages, he can begin to explore more securely the implications in these echoes of all that has gone before. [Robert McMahan]

George Crumb – from Echoes of Time and the River, Collapse of Time / Last Echoes of Time

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