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Published on: 14 June 2009

Chris Brown‘s (b. 1953) music stems from the intersection of many different musical traditions and styles, including classical music, traditional Indonesian, Indian, Afro-American, and Cuban musics, and contemporary American experimental music. He has worked extensively with electronics, from amplified acoustic devices and analog sound modification to custom-made interactive computer systems. Collaboration and improvisation have played a significant role in the development of his work.

This [Retroscan] is the final section of a larger solo work Retrospectacles, in which the whole range of sounds possible from the piano, including sounds made directly on the strings, the frame, as well as the keyboard, provide sources for live electronic transformation by an interactive computer program. The music is a narrative about memory: each sound evolving out of the last, each playback with constantly varying pitch/time of sounds that have recently passed.
[Chris Brown]

  • Chris Brown – Retroscan (2003), for piano & live electronics
    Chris Brown, piano, live electronics

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