Eroica Spettrale

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Published on: 13 July 2009

Jeff Harrington definisce la sua musica come:

Music that is tonal and intensely contrapuntal inspired by New Orleans and classical music traditions.

Se così fosse, non sarebbe molto interessante per me. Ma poi, invece, estrae dal cappello un brano come questo:

Sonic rainbows descend from the clouds of the Eroica. The beginning of Beethoven’s Third Symphony hyper-spatially paraphrased through time extension, pitch warpings and deep space phase-shifting effects; immensely vast, sublime, beyond…
Credits: Ludwig van Beethoven, musical vision. Realized in part with SuperConductor software. Eroica Symphony interpeted by Dr. Manfred Clynes. Adjuctant consultant/composer Elsie Russell. Csound realization with reverb and phase-shifting orcs by Sean Costello; Feedback Delay Network Reverb model from Julius O. Smith, III. It is the second track from the free downloadable Espace album

  1. Michele says:

    Mio dio, inascoltabile! È banale e noioso, terribile davvero

  2. Mauro says:

    io non la trovo così temibile…
    personalmente non scriverei mai un brano del genere, però considerandola come ambient non mi sembra terribile.

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