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Categories: Computer Art
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Published on: 30 July 2009

Loci_ is another audio-visual project by Blake Carrington.

“Loci_” is a series of prints generated by a custom sound-to-image visualizer.  Audio field recordings are fed into the system, then manipulated into abstract imagery that brushes against architectural and topographic representation.  The project deals with perceptual analogues to the conversion of audiovisual data, and is motivated by a statement from R. Murray Schafer: “All visual projections of sounds are arbitrary and fictitious”.

The author is currently working on re-writing the Max/MSP/Jitter patch to accommodate a much larger physical scale. The imagery is created in real-time and relies much on feedback loops of matrix data to create the forms. Possible developments for the future include vinyl mural prints and audiovisual performance with widescreen high-definition projection.

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