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Published on: 11 October 2006

A good contemporary version of “La Folia” by Jeffery Cotton, “young” american composer from LA.
The composer says:

In my “La Folia” I continue an ongoing pursuit: to write music about music. This is an idea that came to me from Mahler by way of Henze. This work is not a standard set of variations on the Folia theme. Here, the theme itself haunts the margins of the piece, not so much in an integrated, nicely-tied-together sort of way, but rather such that this ancient idea seems to be trying to force its way into the present, into my present. This approach to composing has always made sense to me, since what I do – write orchestral and chamber music – has always seemed to me an odd, anachronistic thing, belonging more to the past than the present, and as such, a little mad.

Performed March 9, 2001 at Jordan Hall, Boston, by the Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra, Scott Yoo, Music Director.
ou can also see the score here (PDF).

  1. nicola says:

    non è Jeffrey, bensì Jeffery.

  2. Mauro says:

    ha sicuramente sbagliato l’impiegato dell’anagrafe

  1. […] But now I am surfing the Jeffrey Cotton’s site (see following post), listening to his compositions while looking at a PDF score. OK, I know you can’t do it because the music is not yours and you want to sell scores but it so difficult to show PART of the score? What could I do with the 50% of a score? (or 25%, or selected parts, or the odd pages only). I only can understand if I like that music, how difficult it is, how much work we need to play it and so on. Maybe this year composer will be Jeffrey Cotton… […]

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