A Theremin lesson

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Published on: 14 October 2006

In February 1991, during a russian tour of a group of american musicians, John Chowning (the FM creator), George Lewis (trombone performer) and Paul Lansky (composer) arranged a visit with the 95 year-old Leon Theremin (Lev Sergeyevich Termen, August 15, 1896–November 3, 1993).
In a cold two-room apartment, scantily furnished, but with a ‘Theremin’ built by Theremin itself (with vacuum tubes!), Leon Theremin gave a short lesson to Paul Lansky, captured on video by George Lewis.
Because of the vacuum tubes, the instrument is a big box, while current replicas can be carried in the palm of your hand.
Despite the video quality, the sound is good. Is a new vacuum vs. transistor war about to start? 😉
Here is the video.

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