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Published on: 6 December 2009

Boing Boing Video proudly debuts a new piece from the “great god almighty could it get any more awesome?” N.A.S.A. music project, this one from two personal music heroes: Tom Waits, and Kool Keith. The track is called Spacious Thoughts, and you can pick it up on the project’s debut album, Spirit of Apollo.

NASA, short for “North America South America,” is a music collaboration project assembled by Squeak E. Clean (aka Sam Spiegel, brother of film director Spike Jonze) and DJ Zegon (Ze Gonzales, professional skateboarder).

The music video was created by Montreal-based Fluorescent Hill and can be downloaded here. More on “the making of”, and interview with artists here.

Note that this version is in HD and needs a fast connection. If yours is too slow, go see it on the YouTube site.

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