String of Destiny

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Published on: 2 January 2010

Dmitri N. Smirnov: String of Destiny (Piano Sonata No.4) Op.124 (2000). Alissa Firsova – piano

One-movement piano Sonata No. 4 was completed on 15th of April 2000 at St Albans. I played it to my daughter Alissa Firsova whom I dedicated it. Alissa liked the piece but criticised me for the boring title. She suggested immediately “String of Destiny”, explaining that she feels the piece as an expanding string, which leads to some important point. I did not argue and accepted the new title. Alissa played the Sonata publicly for the first time on 10th of February 2001 at The St Albans Music Club.  She also recorded it on CDs (Megadisc MDC-7818, Meladina MRCD-40).

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