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Published on: 18 February 2010

The wide landscapes of Australia are the new spaces of contemporary sculpture

Neil Dawson’s Horizons, made of welded steel, is an imposing 15m high and 36m long.

Anish Kapoor’s Untitled is 25m long, 8m high and made of mild steel tube and tensioned fabric.

Andy Goldsworthy’s Arches was created in 2005. It is partly submerged at high tide. It consists of 11 5m-high sandstone arches.

George Rickey’s Column of Four Squares Gyratory III is 15m high.

Richard Serra’s 257m-long, 6m-high Te Tuhirangi looks delicate from above, but up close become as imposing as the wall of a full dam.

From The Australian

  1. nicola says:

    sembrano rovine prefabbricate (e scusate l’ossimoro).

  2. A me piacciono molto.
    Solo la terza e la quarta mi sembrano delle rovine, ma anche per questo mi piacciono.

    In effetti qualche volta mi piacerebbe inserire nel paesaggio delle false rovine per aumentarne il fascino… (pensa… rimasugli di un’antica civiltà sulle alpi in mezzo alla neve…)

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