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Published on: 20 February 2010

This funny chart (found on Boing Boing) does a superb job of explaining how the insertion of a lot of “business model” (FBI warnings, unskippable trailers, THX vanity sequences) makes buying a DVD a lot worse than pirating the same disc online (click image to enlarge).

A side effect is that only the legitimate customers can see the FBI warnings.

The same (or worse) happens with the games. I bough a PC game to play on the train (I move 2/3 days a week) and I must carry the original CD-Rom with me to start the game, at high risk.

Of course the pirated copy starts without any CD. The customer pay to buy the game and must suffer all the annoyances. A pirate don’t pay and has no problems. It’s a no win situation…

1 Comment
  1. Stefano says:

    Fortunatamente per alcuni lettori dvd (standalone) è possibile aggiornare il firmware e attivare l’opzione “start smart” che salta lettaralmente tutte le schermate FBI, anti-piracy e il menu e fa partire direttamente il film principale. Meglio di niente… cosa tocca fare per continuare ad acquistare dvd originali:-)

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