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Published on: 14 March 2010

the-cat-enjoy-the-ipodThis site claims to produce “authentic cat music based on feline communication and hearing.”

When I was a student, there was cats on my house. I remember that, when listening to music, sometimes I observed their behavior and try to imagine their perception of the sounds and the meaning of the music for them.

I also remember that sometimes they moved a paw in front of the speaker. Not on the speaker, but in front of it, about half meter distant (speakers was on the floor), like trying to touch something.

Now I have no cats, so I can’t test it. But if someone could try and refer, it should be interesting. The songs are written in three different styles – each song style is designed to convey and evoke a particular mood. Read more here.

Listen to samples:

1 Comment
  1. federico c. says:

    il mio gatto è rimasto del tutto indifferente… l’unica musica che gli interessa è il suono dell’apertura della scatoletta! ciao! ;-))

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