Before the universe was born

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Published on: 21 March 2010

Romanian-French composer Horaţiu Rădulescu (1942-2008) was a spectral music composer. But Radulescu’s music differs greatly from the french school (Grisey, Murail, Dufourt, Levinas). This latter uses the sound spectrum analysis to get informations by which to build a musical form.

Instead the work of Radulescu focuses on the exploration of what he considers to be the ultimate sonic archetype: the harmonic spectrum. His compositional aim, as outlined in his book Sound Plasma (1975) was to bypass the historical categories of monody, polyphony and heterophony and to create musical textures with all elements in a constant flux. Central to this was an exploration of the harmonic spectrum, and by the invention of new playing techniques to bring out, and sometimes to isolate, the upper partials of complex sounds, on which new spectra could be built.

Here we can listen to his fifth String quartet, subtitled Before the universe was born (1990/95)

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