Piano Migrations Installation

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Published on: 1 July 2010

Installation by Kathy Hinde
The inside of an old upright piano, rescued from destruction, is transformed into a kinetic sound sculpture. Video projections move across the surface of the piano strings, triggering small machines to twitch and flutter causing the strings to resonate. The video is visually akin to a musical score or piano roll, and this installation can also become the site for a live performance.
The video is analysed by a MaxMSP patch which divides the screen into a 5×5 grid to correspond to the motors and solenoids which are also arranged in a 5×5 grid on the piano. Movement or any change sensed in the video triggers a device in the corresponding square of the grid – the result is that the fluttering and movement of a bird triggers a device closest to it on the piano.
MaxMSP programming by Matthew Olden
Commissioned by Lumin, May 2010

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