Radulescu’s piano sonata no. 6

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Published on: 14 August 2010

Horatiu Radulescu – Piano Sonata No. 6 (Op. 110) – “return to the source of light”, 1st Mvt: “use your own light”
Ian Pace, piano

Presented here is Radulescu’s last piano sonata, commissioned by the English pianist Ian Pace and premiered at the TRANSIT Festival, Leuven, Belgium, in October 2007. This is the first movement, “Use your own light”. The initial rhythmic motif, a rhythm in a bar of 5+4+4+4, reiterates a low D, with propulsive material in the right hand breaking into higher registers like sudden shafts of lightning. Subsequent sections introduce polyphonic treatments of Romanian folk melodies, often in the form of mensural canons. These melodies recur in Radulescu’s later works. The movement builds steadily to an almost manic intensity, with the pianist taxed to the limits of his dexterity.

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