Lost Lands

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Published on: 12 September 2010


A new release from Test Tube.

Italian musician David Fungi returns to test tube with an old and curious recording. ‘Lost Lands’ was recorded nearly 10 years ago in an unusual place for doing so: a cave. Valganna, in Italy, has a series of caves well known for its acoustics, but David chose to record there not only because of that but also because a cave is a mystical an mythological place, believed to be a passage to unknown words, or unknown universes… Jules Verne, the science fiction pioneer, dreamed of it and wrote about it.

Essentially, ‘Lost Lands’ is an experimental piece which travels between a handful of different ‘ambiances’, from drone to calm and meditative based sequences, and near its end you can even feel a short sprout of soft clicks and cuts. This an excellent piece of great experimental music.

Pedro Leitão

Download page is here.

Listen to Lost Lands in streaming audio

1 Comment
  1. non conoscevo questo sito.

    lo sto esplorando con interesse non tanto musicale, quanto organizzativo.


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