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Published on: 29 November 2010

music televisionMorten Riis is a young (b. 1980) danish composer. His work can be characterized as an electronic music that fuses elements of sound art with a more acousmatic and electro-acoustic approach.

Lately his artistic work has focused around the investigation of the myriad of errors that can arises when workingwith analog and digital systems.
Common for all of Morten Riis’s artistic endeavours is a fascination of working on the limits of what is technological possible when finding new sound material. Pushing computers to there limits to obtain an aesthetic that emphasizes the imperfections of modern technology.

Music television an 8 channel audio/visuel installation for 8 barco cm-33 tv monitors and powerbook g4. The audio inputs from the computer are feed to the video input of the tv monitors thereby creating various patterns on screens. The sound-material (all pure sine tones) is also feed to the build-in speakers in the tv-monitors but because of different distortion phenomena introduced by speakers the original sine tones are shaped in many different ways creating many exiting timbres.

Click here to see a video in mov format.

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