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Published on: 18 December 2010

coverDal fascinoso Zodiac, del percussionista inglese Frank Perry, il segno di Natale: Capricorno

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Each of the 12 tracks on this album corresponds to a sign of the Zodiac and is composed of a series of vibrating bells, gongs, chimes, and petalumes (vibrating discs) among other atonal instruments. Perry’s unique, transcendent style has evolved from his origins as a free-jazz musician, and he uses that genre’s approach to deconstructing Western ideas of music for an Eastern effect. The songs aren’t played so much as conjured up out of the silence, slowly and beautifully, until various vibrational frequencies come together as one, then drift apart back into the abyss. This is perfect accompaniment for meditators to “Om” along to, harmonizing with the interlocking drones as a tool for aligning chakra energy and reaching a state of supernal calm. Perry’s instincts as a formally trained Western musician, along with his knowledge and passion for Eastern philosophy, unite on ZODIAC, making this a fine auditory gateway into the realm of the spirit.

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