Wind Chimes

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Published on: 26 December 2010

Dennis Smalley – Wind Chimes (1987)


Nel video il brano è attribuito a Malec, ma si tratta di un errore di chi ha messo il brano su You Tube e anche del sottoscritto che ci è cascato.

Grazie a rarefa per averlo rilevato.

Grazie a questa precisazione, possiamo anche aggiungere le note di programma, che non avevo trovato cercandolo sotto Malec e c’era una ragione.

The main sound source for Wind Chimes is a set of ceramic chimes found in a pottery during a visit to New Zealand in 1984. It was not so much the ringing pitches which were attractive but rather the bright, gritty, rich, almost metallic qualities of a single struck pipe or a pair of scraped pipes. These qualities proved a very fruitful basis for many transformations which prised apart and reconstituted their interior spectral design. Taking a single sound source and getting as much out of it as possible has always been one of my key methods for developing sonic coherence in a piece. Not that the listener is supposed to or can always recognize the source, but in this case the source is audible in its natural state near the beginning of the piece, and that ceramic quality is never far away throughout. Eventually, complementary materials were gathered in as the piece’s sound-families began to expand, among them a bass drum, very high metallic Japanese wind chimes, resonant metal bars, interior piano sounds, and some digital synthesis. The piece is centered on strong attacking gestures, types of real and imaginary physical motion (spinning, rotating objects, resonances which sound as if scraped or bowed, for example), contrasted with layered, more spacious, sustained textures whose poignant dips hint at a certain melancholy.

Wind Chimes was composed in the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the University of East Anglia (UK) in 1987, with computer sound transformations carried out on the digital system of Studio 123 of the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM) in Paris (France) in 1986. It was premiered during the Electric Weekend at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on September 11, 1987. This piece was first released in 1990 on the Computer Music Current #5 compact disc on the Wergo label (WER 2025-2). Wind Chimes was commissioned by the South Bank Centre, London (UK).

  1. rarefa says:

    Questo pezzo non è
    – Wind Chimes Wergo Schallplatten, WER2026-2, Mainz, 1990. di Denis Smalley ?

  2. non avendo l’originale in cd non sono in grado di dirlo.
    qui mi sono fidato della persona che lo ha messo su you tube che di solito è precisa.
    ora indago, ma se tu hai verificato con il cd, probabilmente si tratta di errata attribuzione.

    Ho trovato adesso una analisi (senza audio) e sembra essere di Smalley.
    OK, sono riuscito ad ascoltare un estratto ed è di Smalley
    Grazie della correzione. Scusate

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