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Folds And Rhizomes For Gilles Deleuze

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Published on: 26 March 2011

coverThe idea for “Folds And Rhizomes” came as a result of contact that was made between the Sub Rosa label and Deleuze himself.

Reportedly, Sub Rosa sent Deleuze a number of CDs from some of the artists featured on “Folds And Rhizomes,” as well as some other of Sub Rosa’s back catalog releases.

Deleuze was, apparently, quite impressed with the work of these musicians, and wrote back to the label thanking them for the CDs and inquiring as to where further recordings of that type could be obtained.

It was then that certain of Sub Rosa’s staff decided that perhaps an album released in gratitude to Deleuze’s life contributions would be a nice idea.

Contributions were commissioned from certain artists with the idea in mind that the finished disc would be presented to Deleuze in some personal way.

Deleuze’s suicide, however, intervened in the process, and the project was not completed in time to present Deleuze with the finshed product.

The CD id printed by Sub Rosa label and features various artists: Mouse On Mars, Main, Oval, Scanner, Tobias Hazan / David Shea.


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