Lost Elevator Programs

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Published on: 22 March 2014

Brent & Ryan Hibbett, the alchemical duo behind the Gutta Percha moniker, returns with yet another amazing and much wanted new production, entitled ‘Lost Elevator Programs’. This new album is an eeringly interesting and somewhat unorthodox new approach to the ‘muzak’ concept and ideology.

From the artists’ liner notes:

This album offers four tracks, each in the streamed “medley” form of commercial music programming, for both historical and imagined elevators. Just as one, encapsulated within elevator walls, travels blindly under the illusion of stasis, the aesthetic is a drifting one, moving even through repetition in unpredictable directions. It also intends to offer the strange blend of comfort and uncertainty experienced by early elevator riders, whose distrust of the newfound contraption businesses tried to offset with streams of innocuous, piped-in tunes. Toward these ends, we’ve looped, filtered, and otherwise manipulated obscure bits of instrumental music, and infused them with found sounds and additional instrumentation.

Free download from Test Tube site.


Program I: For King Louis’ flying chair

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