Feedback Babies

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Published on: 24 December 2014

Un’altra installazione di Darsha Hewitt.

I Fisher-Price Nursery Monitor sono gli antenati (ca. 1983) degli odierni baby monitor con cui si può ascoltare il pargolo a distanza, anche via cellulare. L’ingombrante modello degli anni ’80 era costituito da un trasmettitore e da un ricevitore operanti su frequenze radio. Darsha Hewitt ha trovato un modo di riutilizzare questo dispositivo ormai obsoleto.

The Fisher-Price Nursery Monitor (circa 1983) was a low watt household radio set originally intended to “let parents be in two places at once” by broadcasting the cries of a baby in distress to a mobile receiver accompanying a parent outside of earshot. However, when in very close proximity these devices produce audible feedback that sounds uncannily like whimpering electronic babies. Feedback Babies is an electromechanical sound apparatus that makes use of slow moving motors to automate these transmitters in order to create nuanced feedback patterns.


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