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Published on: 5 March 2007


With roots in both catchy and extreme music plus an unhealthy obsession with errors and variation, Goto80 delivers eclectic music based on 8-bit technology. Since 10 years Goto80 has been praised as a datapriest both in the demoscene aswell as at pop and club stages around the world, with some 80 gigs in Europe, America and Australia. Within the 8-bit sound he seamlessly blends styles ranging from soothing ambience to furious breakcore, although often recognized for his melodic poppy songs. Apart from some commercial releases, he spreads his music for free. His live shows humanize the technology by number-jamming, singing and keyboard-destruction and hopefully have either Entter or Jossystem as VJs.
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Divertiamoci un po’.
Da 10 anni, Goto80 fa 8 bit music, ovvero musica eseguita da un paio di oscillatori e un noise generator tipo Commodore64.
È una tendenza anti tecnologica a metà, lo-fi e anti-colta che mette in discussione una hi-fi imperante che serve solo a riprodurre band sempre più uguali a se stesse e con sempre meno cose da dire.
E se Barking at the Wrong Dog (trad: abbaiando al cane sbagliato, un titolo da segnarsi) ti ributta nell’atmosfera dei videogames C64, Love Crime fa il verso ai Kraftwerk seconda maniera.
A piccole dosi, mi piace.

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