Dispacci dal fronte interno

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Published on: 16 June 2015

Dispacci dal fronte interno [Dispatches from the homefront] is a work by Andrea Valle for feedback system including ad libitum strings, printer and live electronics.

Audio from strings, printers and environment is not only manipulated live, but some features are extracted and used to control not only the same sound processing but also the real-time generation and print on the fly of musical notation to be performed by the player.

In short, the performer receives “dispatches” which content depends on what s/he is playing.

Here’s the score: fonurgia.unito.it/andrea/pub/mus/dispacci.pdf

From SONIC SCREENS, an event by U.S.O. Project (Matteo Milani, Federico Placidi) in collaboration with O’ and Die Schachtel
Milan, 01/12/2012

An excerpt from the premiere by:
Èdua Amarilla Zádory – Violin
Ana Topalovic – Violoncello

Video courtesy Gianmarco Del Re

Dispacci dal fronte interno from Andrea Valle on Vimeo.

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