Red-shifted Harmonies

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Published on: 2 April 2007


DAC Crowell is a 41 composer from Illinois.
He hate describing his music, but he say

As for the sound of my own work, it often employs sounds that change _very_ slowly over time. So there are a lot of drone-type elements, things which appear to repeat, and the like…but the real fact is that there are very slow permutations going on, usually at a rate slower than most listeners’ perceptions. I also like a very ‘immersive’ sound, something which surrounds and envelops the listener. At first, this might seem like I’m trying to do something ‘New Age’, but I don’t think the term applies at all because I often like to add ‘noisy’ elements to my works, or use an overall feel that’s darker than the average fluffy New Age sound.

DAC Crowell è americano. Ha 41 anni e compone dei brani in lenta evoluzione pubblicati dalla netlabel Magnatune. Ha studiato.
Nella sua pagina in Magnatune trovate molte informazioni.
Mi piace la sua dichiarazione di amore per le onde corte. È una cosa che da bambino ho provato anch’io: passavo ore a giocare con la radio.

Years and years ago, around the same time I was first learning piano as a small child, I also encountered the shortwave radio. It fascinated me…this box of strange sounds, pulsations, voices from other places phasing in and out. And then later in the 1960s, I heard the first stirrings of the Moog synthesizer…and others as well, as I attended a concert given by David Rosenboom while still in the second grade, with him performing his meditative style of electronics on a massive ARP 2500 rig. I suppose it was that formative experience that cemented what I was to try and do in my life.

Dall’album omonimo del 2003, Red Shifted Harmonies.

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