Miri Kat

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Published on: 9 December 2017

Miri Kat’s debut EP brings ephemeral collages, in turns frenetic and and lyrical, in a unique brand of glitchy grindcore for a post-Internet age. Miri’s hyperactive textures are rooted in original engineering, live-coded from found sounds with open source tools, derived from open ecosystems in both sounds and software. For Establishment, she is producing an original audiovisual edition, pairing her live visual talents with the compositional ones.

The London-based artist self-described as “oriental” in origin has fast become a mainstay of the underground livecoding scene. Her day job is as an engineer of electronic musical instruments, with expertise in music tech, web technologies, hacking, creative coding, algorithmic music, immersive multimedia, and generative visuals.

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