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Published on: 6 May 2007

Mystified è una eclettica band, che definisce il proprio stile come

quite varied, including ambient, industrial, minimal, illbient, dark ambient, world, experimental, phonography, noise and other genres

Qui ascoltiamo The Hush, distribuito dalla netlabel Webbed Hand Records.
Vi consiglio di ascoltarlo con delle casse decenti.

Program notes:
The Hush is a 45-minute ambient soundscape of a darker nature than Emanate (previous release). This is an extended voyage, perhaps experienced from within the engine room of an intergalactic vessel. A throbbing, soporific bass is punctuated by echoing metallic sounds, and the auditory space is sometimes graced by mellow but alien melodies and harmonic drones. Other mysterious sounds make periodic visits, and the whole effect is a pleasant mix of slowly cycling highs and lows.

MystifiedThe Hush

1 Comment
  1. Lemi says:

    Bello ma…se uno ha un filino di mal di testa sente i martelli di The Wall che gli camminano nel cranio!!

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