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Published on: 23 June 2006


As already announced (see the post about Audiopad) the musical interfaces based on touch-sensitive systems are about to start conquering the market.
Now the japanese media artist Toshio Iwai and Yamaha Corporation present Tenori-On (sound on your palm). It consists on a 16×16 matrix of light emitting switches. When you push a switch for a short time the associated sound is played and a ripple of light spread out from that switch. If the switch is held down longer the sound is played in loop and the dot of light remains on.
Currently Tenori-On is under development and not for sale. IMHO the system really needs a lot of development. Judging from the currently available videos (see below), my opinion, as a professional electronic music composer,is that Tenori-On is only a little more than a simple musical toy.
As far as I know, the system is build on ITRON, an open real time operating system. I only hope that the system software is really open, because a 256 button matrix with light could be programmed in a more interesting way.
Look at the video (thanks to YouTube). More videos on this page.

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    Si, sembra una gran boiata….

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