Quarrel: Cage about Glass and back

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Published on: 6 July 2006

Tiding up old books I found this one: Desert Plants – conversations with 23 american musicians by Walter Zimmermann, Vancouver, 1976. An old style book, clearly printed and written with IBM electric typewriter. Questions in italic and answers in monospace fonts.
Browsing I found this gag:
Walter Zimmermann to Philip Glass:

John Cage describes your work as follows: “Though the doors will always remain open for the musical expression of personal feelings, what will more and more come through is the expression of the pleasures of conviviality. And beyond that a non-intentional expressivity: a being together of sounds and people.”
How do you relate this quote to your music?

A bothered Philip Glass:

Well, I think it has more to do with his music than mine.

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