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Published on: 30 July 2007

Un altro interessante gruppo russo.

A gentle flute motive introduces us to the world of Quest.Room.Project from Russia, and one might at first expect a relaxed listening experience. But by the time more voices chime in, it becomes obvious that these spotlights are going to be swallowed by shadows of tragic compassion. “Room Number: Fiducial Banality” is organised in 4 parts (one could as well define them as movements, because there are some key themes occuring throughout the entire release) and each of them features a room with distinct acoustic characteristics:
“The reason for surfacing” appears like a shadow of a doubt that gradually turns into overwhelming certainty. Almost inaudible at the beginning, “Assemblage” soon escalates to several emotional outbursts, before exhaustion will take its tribute in “Possession” and create a haunted, threatening atmosphere. As reminiscence of the beginning, “Combined Exercises” begins with a flute solo and continues to pick up previous motives to escalate them to a wall of sound. Finally the dissonances wither away and make room for the last remnants of the ever occuring flute theme. A cycle has been completed and we are at the beginning again…
Bogdan Dullsky, the creative head behind the Quest.Room.Project, describes his intentions as “a search of space for the life leaving for borders of habitual linearity”. But “Room Number: Fiducial Banality” doesn’t attempt to descibe a solution to break free: It’s left up to the listeners themselves to recognise their personal ever returning patterns of life and change them by their own strategy. or – as Bogdan concludes – as an “attempt to live by some own rules on which borders it is possible to breathe freely”.

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    tube’|mm002 – Bogdan Dullsky – Freedom Reflex | Second

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