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Published on: 27 November 2007

Tanto per restare in tema di Partch, l’Avantgarde Project (AGP), che si occupa di diffondere vecchie registrazioni non ristampate in CD. ha rilasciato il numero 57 che contiene tre brani del nostro.

Questo archivio era stato proposto anni fa, poi ritirato perché questi pezzi erano distribuiti in una nuova esecuzione, ma oggi viene nuovamente distribuito in considerazione del suo valore storico.

Il formato è FLAC (compressione senza perdita). Lo trovate qui.

The AGP57 is a transcription of the classic LP “The World of Harry Partch”. The three compositions on this LP are available on CD in other recordings, but these are the recordings that introduced a generation of music lovers to the strange sounds of Harry Partch’s instruments and compositions. Normally, AGP steer clear of compositions that are currently available on CD in other recordings, but a transcription of this long out-of-print LP was specially requested, so here it is. The copy is in excellent condition with only the hiss of the analog recording and very light pressing noise typicaly of an American pressing. The transcription preserves the spacious sound of the original recording.

Format is loseless compression FLAC.

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