I 50 album che hanno cambiato la musica?

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Published on: 11 August 2006

To celebrate fifty years of its album chart, The Observer Review’s panel of critics argues for 50 albums that changed music.
IMHO this kind of charts is only a curiosity. It’s something to discuss on the beach when there is nothing else to do. Maybe younger people could find something “new” to listen to.
Of course the musical area is the popular music in the most general meaning. There is no experimental music, and not even the jazz is mentioned (but Miles Davis).
Best positions are:

  1. The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967), the album with the Warhol’s banana on the cover.
  2. The Beatles – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
  3. Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express (1977)
  1. Zia Petunia says:

    The Velvet Underground and Nico è uno dei miei album preferiti. Passa dal romanticismo melodico di Sunday Morning e I’ll be your mirror, all’ironia di All tomorrow’s parties e Femme Fatal, al cinismo di I’m waiting for the man e Heroin, a Venus in Furs, psichedelia allo stato puro, brano che più amo di quell’album, fino alla follia di The black angel’s death song e European son.
    Assolutamente imperdibile. Fondamentale per chi, come me, ama il rock.

  2. giugiuzzo says:

    pet sounds, the beach boys;fresh cream,cream;in rock,deep purple;led zeppelin,led zeppelin;paranoid,black sabbath;ace of spades,motorhead;back in black,ac/dc;iron maiden,iron maiden;the wall,pink floyd;kill em all,metallica;reign in blood,slayer;rocket to russia,ramones;london calling,the clash;nevermind the bollock’s,sex pistols;ultramega ok,soungarden;rage against the machine,RATM.ne ho tralasciati sicuramente tantissimi ma questi sono senza dubbio le opere che hanno formato,cambiato e reso grandissimo il ROCK.grazie

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