Oskar Sala

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Published on: 7 December 2007

Cosa ci fa Alfred Hitchcock sul Trautonium di Oskar Sala?

Ebbene, non molti sanno che Oskar Sala e il suo Trautonium hanno creato gran parte degli effetti sonori nel film “Gli Uccelli”.

Ecco un estratto.

See Alfred Hitchcock playing (?) the Oskar Sala’s Trautonium.

Sala was a pupil of Friedrich Trautwein, the inventor of the trautonium, and studied with Paul Hindemith in 1930 at the Berlin conservatory.

Oskar Sala further developed the trautonium into the Mixtur-Trautonium. Sala’s invention opened the field of subharmonics, the symmetric counterpart to overtones, so that a thoroughly distinct tuning evolved. Sala presented his new instrument to the public in 1952 and would soon receive international licenses for its circuits. That same year, composer Harald Genzmer delivered the score to the first Concert For Mixtur-Trautonium And Grand Orchestra.

In the 1940s and 1950s he worked on many film scores. He created the non-musical soundtrack for Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds. He received many awards for his film scores, but never an Oscar.

Here is an excerpt from The Birds soundtrack.

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