Obscuritas Luminosa, Lux Obscura

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Published on: 15 December 2007

Un affascinante e recente brano di Konstantinos Karathanasis, trentaduenne compositore greco emigrato negli USA.

Costruito intorno ad un’unica altezza (SI), questo pezzo, per sei strumenti e suoni elettronici, è come un singolo, ultra concentrato raggio di luce che penetra il vuoto, il silenzio, con gli strumenti che agiscono come delle lenti, dei prismi, che gradualmente modificano il colore del suono allargandolo alle note vicine e via via più lontane.

The following excerpt from an old Greek text of the 7th century AD encapsulates the central idea of the piece: ‘… And as all things come from the One, from the mediation of the One, so all things are born from this One by adaptation …’ There is one pitch (B), which as a single ultra-concentrated beam of light penetrates the vacuum, the silence. The instruments and the electronics act like lenses and prisms that slowly change the color of this single B and magnify it to the neighboring pitch areas. Since this process is gradual, like wine fermentation, special attention is given to various subtle changes, in the micro-intervals and their beatings, attacks and dynamics, colors and textures. Once the magnifications of the single pitch expand to its partials, the fermentation process is accelerated and new dimensions open up that at some point incorporate even chance.

The role of the electronics is to unify the instrumental fragments and thus to provide coherence through the piece. Although obscure at the beginning, progressively the computer becomes the seventh player in the ensemble, and after a certain point it develops in to an all-inclusive ocean, where the instruments swim, like exotic fish. The electronics are based in various real-time techniques in Max/MSP, mostly live phase vocoding and sampling, infinite decay reverbs, flangers, harmonizers, and granular synthesis.

Konstantinos Karathanasis – Obscuritas Luminosa, Lux Obscura (2005)
for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, piano, percussions, electronics

from Art of the States

  1. duarte says:

    i love konstantinos karathanasis the music “obscuritas luminosa, lux obscura” and its very dificult found this music. can you send me this music. i will stay very happy if you send me. thank you

  2. Mauro says:

    you can find this piece on Art of the States site, click here:

    It’s the one and only work by konstantinos karathanasis that I have ever heard and it’s a very interesting and fascinating piece.
    I found no other music written by karathanasis. I only found his bio at the Oklahoma university site where he is assistant professor of music, click here

  3. Thank you for your kind words and interest in my music. You can listen to excerpts, or complete pieces in my website: http://music.ou.edu/karathanasis/
    For more information you may contact me at karathanasis@ou.edu

    Mauro, your blog is very informative!

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