Floating in a silent bubble

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Published on: 15 August 2006

Note for non-italian readers: here in Italy, August 15 is traditionally vacation. Cities turn into void bubbles of silence and peace. No people call. Even phones are silent.

Floating in the silent bubble of August 15 in a city that seems to be totally still. Swinging in my hammock in a desert quarter, this seems to me the proper music. It is a piece by me, composed in 1980 as furniture for a void flat.
I play on the piano short random-generated diatonic groups of notes (from 1 to 6 notes each). Each group is played one time only. A 6 seconds echo repeat and mix the notes building melodies, form, rhythm and eventually emotions.
Here you can listen to a part of the piece (about 13 minutes). Original is an ambient tape 35 minutes long.

Mauro Graziani – Morning Grill (1980) – for piano and delay

  1. Zia Petunia says:

    Ho scaricato Morning Grill… bello davvero. Chiudendo gli occhi sembra di poter raccogliere qualche briciola di oriente.

  2. Mauro says:

    In quanto all’oriente non saprei. Nella mia testa Morning Grill è un tentativo di far sì che le macchine creino la propria estetica. È l’eco che fa il pezzo. Senza l’eco sarebbero solo frasette banali distanti minuti l’una dall’altra.
    Però è anche vero che nel 1980 ero molto più permeato d’oriente rispetto a ora…

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