RIAA let’s you live if you are dead

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Published on: 18 August 2006

According to The Wired Campus, the RIAA, (Recording Industry Association of America) has dropped plans to pursue an antipiracy lawsuit against Larry Scantlebury, a defendant who recently passed away, by deposing his children.
A RIAA spokesperson, Jonathan Lamy, emphasized the RIAA “abundance of sensitivity” in dropping this particular case, but Boing Boing, one of its fiercest critics, remarks that the RIAA had only given 60 days to grieve before the RIAA went on to depose the dead man’s children in a renewed suit against his estate and this “abundance of sensitivity” only materialized within 24 hours of this story hitting several large news outlets and blogs (more than 20.000 references for Scantlebury RIAA found on Google).

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