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Minimal States

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Published on: 29 May 2010

Thomas Carter has yet another musical project called Minimal States, where he explores ambient soundscapes based on collected samples and field recordings. ‘Like A Photograph‘ is the first set of a trilogy that Thomas intends to release on test tube. This first work is heavily based on samples taken from […]

Save Our Sounds

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Published on: 15 March 2010

In a radio programme called Save Our Sounds, the BBC asked their listeners to upload sound recordings from where they live in order to create an audio map of the world. Here is the call: Help to create a snapshot of the world in sound! We’re really excited about Save […]

Ice sounds

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Published on: 7 March 2010

Besides the ocean audio stream, the Alfred Wegener Institute has many recordings of underwater acoustic phenomena and ice sounds that you can listen from this page. Among this materials, there are some sounds caused by the icebergs whose origin is not yet known. Click the image. Potrebbero interessarti anche: Non […]


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Published on: 26 February 2010

The hydrophones of German Alfred-Wegener-Institut transmitting live from the Ocean below the Antarctic Ice in the Atka Bay. This project is called PALAOA (PerenniAL Acoustic Observatory in the Antarctic Ocean) that means “whale” in Hawaiian. Click here for mp3 audio stream. Please note, this transmission is not optimized for easy […]

Symphonies of the Planets 1

Categories: Audio, Confine, Scienza
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Published on: 3 November 2009

In the August and September 1977, two Voyager spacecraft were launched to fly by and explore the great gaseous planets of Jupiter and Saturn. Voyager I, after successful encounters with the two, was sent out of the plane of the ecliptic to investigate interstellar space. Voyager II’s charter later came […]

The Vancouver Soundscape

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Published on: 15 September 2009

The World Soundscape Project (WSP) was established as an educational and research group by R. Murray Schafer at Simon Fraser University during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It grew out of Schafer’s initial attempt to draw attention to the sonic environment through a course in noise pollution, as well […]

Ocean & Cricket Music

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Published on: 31 August 2009

Walter De Maria (nato ad Albany, in California, nel 1935) è uno dei principali esponenti della corrente artistica detta Land Art alla quale è passato dopo un’iniziale esperienza di scultore nell’ambito della Minimal Art (alcune sue opere di questo periodo, come “Balldrop” del 1961, si trovano al Guggenheim Museum di […]

Sounds of Everglades

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Published on: 29 August 2009

Sempre nel campo del field recording, ecco Sounds of the Everglades, una cassetta di circa 30 minuti registrata nelle paludi della Florida. Nel 1990 era in vendita a $3.99. Sounds of the Everglades: streaming audio, mp3 Potrebbero interessarti anche: World Sound Mix Suoni della natura su You Tube

Tropical Rain Forest

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Published on: 26 August 2009

Il titolo dice tutto. Quello che vi propongo oggi è un esempio di field recording che risale al 1986. Si tratta di una registrazione di 22 minuti, effettuata in una foresta tropicale (dai suoni si direbbe localizzata in America del Sud, prob. Brasile), distribuita negli anni ’80 su cassetta da […]


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Published on: 30 July 2009

Loci_ is another audio-visual project by Blake Carrington. “Loci_” is a series of prints generated by a custom sound-to-image visualizer.  Audio field recordings are fed into the system, then manipulated into abstract imagery that brushes against architectural and topographic representation.  The project deals with perceptual analogues to the conversion of […]

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