I Am Not A Computer

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Published on: 10 July 2008

Pur nella totale banalità post-minimale di una musica che ruota attorno a un centro vuoto senza privilegiare nessuna direzione, Paul Laino va un passo oltre Eno, Nyman e simili e riesce ad essere quasi emozionante in questo piccolo saggio multimediale in cui una macchina sembra cercare una umanità.

Composer’s Note:
Through juxtaposition, this piece comments on the struggles of intercommunication. The video displayed should not be looked upon as an accompaniment, but rather an essential member of the ensemble.

Music Composed and Recorded By: Paul T Laino
Video Shot and Directed By: Pete Bune
Edited By: Henry Quindara

Copyright 2008

Conductor: Christian Alonzo
Vibraphone: Patrick O’Reilly
Juno-60 Synthesizer: Originally Performed By: Gregory Post, Recorded by: Matthew Carrington
Cello: Matthew Vann

Video shot on location in Brooklyn, NY

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