After the Summer Rain

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Published on: 19 July 2008

L’esplorazione estiva di Art of the States continua con questo brano per pianoforte amplificato e parte elettronica che ha alcuni momenti decisamente deliziosi, anche se a tratti si perde in qualche estetismo, ma nel complesso l’insieme mi sembra buono.

L’autore è Hideko Kawamoto, nata in Giappone nel 1969 e cresciuta musicalmente negli USA dove risiede.

Note di programma:

After the Summer Rain for amplified piano and two-channel tape, dedicated to the memory of Clarence Asher Peevey (17 July 2000 – 28 July 2000), was inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poems ‘(Nos Pleurs)’ and ‘Before the Summer Rain’ (1906).

The visual images of a summer forest, including rain pouring onto trees, shiny silver spider webs, and dark wet ground … were transferred into sounds using piano as the basic sound source for creation of the tape part … The piano part represents a person who has been inside the wet forest after experiencing the heavy summer rain. The tape part represents the natural phenomenon of the summer forest.

This piece is Part II of Summer Rain, composed immediately after Part I, Summer Rain – Dawn (2000) for two-channel tape.”

[Hideko Kawamoto]

Hideko Kawamoto – After the Summer Rain (2000), for amplified piano and two-channel tape
Corey Jane Holt, piano

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