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Published on: 23 July 2008

Formant è una simpatica applicazione disponibile su tutte le piattaforme che mostra chiaramente la correlazione fra vocali e formanti.

Cliccando e muovendo il mouse nello spazio delle vocali (a sin.) si sente il suono e si vedono i formanti cambiare nel riquadro di destra.

Scaricabile qui.

This application demonstrates formant-based synthesis of vowels in real time, in the spirit of Gunnar Fant’s Orator Verbis Electris (OVE-1) synthesizer of 1953.

  • Set source and filter parameters at the top. Click and drag in the “vowel space” to hear the vowels.
  • Right-click to select target language for vowel symbols.
  • LPC power spectrum of source (red) and output signal (green) are to the right, waveforms are displayed at the bottom.
  • The source type “sampled” will use a sound file containing a single period of a waveform as voice source.

Download from here.


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